Creating from a New Perspective

Creating from a New Perspective

Creating from a New Perspective

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ZoMazz’s patented process allows artists, product designers, manufacturers, and marketers to create personalized products for their brand with high fidelity, photorealistic designs as durable as the product itself. Starting with dye sublimation prints that are heat-transferred and molded, the form, function and aesthetics are fused and the design becomes the product.


Imaged rolls that integrate your manufacturing process
New and unique to ZoMazz. Integrate our rolls of imaged designs into your manufacturing process.


Unparalleled time to market.
We work fast, precisely, and deliver on time.


Finest and most precise graphics available
Using dye sublimation printing allows us to produce the most delicate designs, consistently and flawlessly.


Our team will customize to fit your needs
Our team lives on challenges. Their combined expertise will find a way to do what you need.


Individual injection molded pieces
Order small to huge quantities. We manufacture our pieces from creation to final.

We create from YOUR perspective
with dye sublimation technology.

Our Story

ZoMazz customers aren't just your average product manufacturers, marketers, and designers. Rather, they are extraordinarily creative, always on the lookout for better and finer tools. ZoMazz is their solution for high fidelity graphics on plastic resins.

When they come to ZoMazz with a project, they know that, if it can be done, ZoMazz will do it because we are constantly testing the limits and pushing boundaries of science, engineering and graphic fidelity. ZoMazz is defined by the passionate fusion of our customers’ creative vision with our technology that enables them to Create from a New Perspective.

Brilliant new technology
make your product unique



Roll-to-roll imaging enables you to automate the time-consuming manufacturing of individual units. Roll-to-roll integrates existing in-house manufacturing sites with ready-to-use imaged rolls.


Dye sublimation of white pigment

For the first time, designs containing white meant to decorate transparent plastics, can be reproduced in a dye sublimation process. Our solution is new and unique.