Revolutionizing Plastics Decoration

ZoMazz’s digital in-mold decoration technology (D-IMD) changes how product designers think about decorating injection-molded products. With D-IMD, infinite graphic variation, speed to market, and scalability at any production volume become possible. Forget long lead times, front-loaded costs for printing and film, low-quality graphics, low-performance finishes, limited finish options and the long-term commitments to one design that are hallmarks of analog printing.

D-IMD integrates seamlessly into existing IMD and IML injection-molding production lines, and allows graphic changes with a minimum of incremental cost or time. D-IMD enables one-to-one manufacturing and also scales to millions of one design while providing the highest resolution, RGB graphics and surfaces engineered to specific durability requirements.


ZoMazz D-IMD Solution

ZoMazz offers a complete suite of services to ensure that OEMs can get their products decorated using D-IMD technology. ZoMazz can deliver both finished product directly to the OEM, or can supply printed film to one of ZoMazz’s CM partners. Services can include some or all of the following:

  • Product design/decoration support;
  • Film/ engineering resin compatibility support;
  • Tools design support;
  • D-IMD printing, forming and trimming; and
  • Injection molding via certified partner network.


Business Benefits

With ZoMazz D-IMD, there’s no need to commit to producing tens of thousands of one design, nor are there the long lead times or costs required to tool up analog printing systems. D-IMD is digital, so ZoMazz prints on film the same way that paper is printed from a desktop printer. Want to print two copies? No problem. Want to print 2 million copies? That’s fine.

For OEMs, it provides an entirely new way to do business. ZoMazz D-IMD gives the OEM flexibility to:

  • Purchase printed films as needed and even accept daily shipments, instead of the entire print requirement delivered at once;
  • Test designs and respond to market demands with new designs;
  • Reduce returns from retailers and channel partners; and
  • Iterate designs without long lead times or high printing setup costs.


Performance Benefits

ZoMazz D-IMD has far fewer performance limitations than its analog IMD or IML counterparts. With D-IMD it’s possible to:

  • Decorate complex geometries with deep draws without image breakage;
  • Forget about the adhesion problems common with older adhesive-based IMD technologies, ZoMazz D-IMD promotes covalent inviolable bonds by engineering film and resin shot compatibility;
  • Engineer surfaces as required to resist abrasion or chemicals;
  • Print high-resolution, full-color graphics instead of being limited to spot color graphics.

ZZoMazz D-IMD is suitable for extreme customization as it scales at a few units and also at millions of one design.

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